Monday, July 8, 2013

The Curse of the Rose

So, it has been a while since my last post. Damn I am getting far too lazy for my own good, BUT, I do have valid excuses. I have been writing none stop, getting myself a nice catalog of published works together and it seems to be working!

My latest offering is the beautiful, but naughty The Curse of the Rose, part one of my four part mini-series, The Rose Saga, and I tell you something, it isn't for the faint of heart. 


Because this is my erotic debut. Yes, you heard me right, I have written a lovely erotic story that shocked even myself. 

Young, beautiful and naive, a young Bianka doesn't truly understand the price that comes with being the chosen one.
Taken from her family, her future is unknown to her, but one thing is for sure: an eternity of need, want and greed.
Can Bianka break the curse that leaves her insatiable, or will she just be another night-walker bound to the Rose?

Here are what some of the reviewers have been saying:

"WOW! Definitely for an 18+ audience. Julieanne Lynch never fails to bring to the table a delectable source of imagery that tugs at your emotions and teases your mind. She always has engaging stories and I love reading her work. When I was asked if I could read this erotic piece, of course I had to! Be prepared for blazing hot images and a great story! I absolutely loved this piece, you will not be disappointed." A. McEwan

"All Bianka wants is to be free from the castle that has been her home for many, many years. She finds pleasure with Batar and release but he can only give her so much. Attempting to make her escape, she finds she has faultered and is on trial with a punishment that is the worst any soul could ever expect." 

Of course if you want your own copy to add to your HOT Kindle collection, then all you have to do is follow these links:

So, that is it from me, until I have a few lovely blog tour stop happening over the coming weeks! Keep coming back and remember, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. It's funny what the word of mouth can do.

Love to you all :)


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  1. Hi julieanne, thank you for stepping outside your comfort Zone and bringing your fan's "The Rose Saga" I am looking forward to reading about your "Whatnot's, your "Ramblings" and anything else you may have to say. Looking forward to your first steps in Erotic Stories.