Monday, September 20, 2010

When the creative juices flow... you gotta catch every drop!

Oh, I am a very bad girl. I haven't blogged in over a week! BUT, I have been snowed under with plenty of work, so I'm sure that's a validated reason to let my BLOG fall to the way side!

First things first, I have to admit, that I have been playing around with a lot of different stories, and I have been  story boarding plenty of my ideas, and boy have there been lots! I can't sleep because of my reluctance to let a good plot to pass me by and to the annoyance of my poor husband, I am writing and noting every little detail, BUT I need to work this way in order to get it all out and start building up good character plots from there and do you wanna know the funny thing - I love it!

I cannot for the life of me STOP! Especially when I know that what I have noted can become an amazing part of my story!

Secondly, Walking With Shadows is coming along nicely, obviously it is still only first draft status, I have to admit it is looking pretty fine! And after some lovely fine tuning I'm confident that you all will love it just as much as In The Shadows.

I have also been working on some short stories and have really enjoyed the process. It's a great way to get out all that pent up creativity and the results have been brilliant! I have incorporated a story that shows us how two MAJOR characters from the Shadow World series first met and I love it. It's called Bitter Kisses and hopefully will his production for an Anthology later this year.

I have also been working on some rather Erotic Horror, and I can safely say that it has been a thrill! It's not too in your face, but it also opens up your eyes! I have posted a short excerpt here, so if you want, check it out and see for yourself!

Now, last but not least, my little baby niece  Amelie was discharges from hospital on Saturday and I got to meet her and hold her for the first time ever on Sunday and I can safely say that it was a humbling experience! This little girl fought so well to stay alive inside her mummy's womb and came out 5 weeks early, but she is just the most precious, adorable and totally scrumptious little girl I have ever met! She is a firm member of our family and in some ways will always be 'The Golden Child' - she is a credit to her mummy (my little sister) and  her daddy- Welcome Home Baby Amelie!

Righty, I'll leave it at that and hope to get back here before the week is out!

Keep doing what you do best - READ!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

When life is this good!

Sometimes,  some of us, in fact many of us, forget just how truly blessed we are. For instance, take this past week, were I have been obsessed trying to get work done, on top of writing some shorts for an Anthology as well as doing some freelance work for a magazine. I was hitting my head against a brick wall, trying to achieve the impossible in such a short period of time, I was almost burnt out midweek- bad!

Then, my little sister gave birth to my new little niece on Thursday night, and you wanna know something, I came crashing down to earth with a bang! I thought, ' hold on for a minute, who's in control here, me or work?' and I won! I decided to slow down for a bit and stop putting myself under pressure, when there isn't really a need!

So, on Thursday evening at 17.20pm, Amelie Kiki McCormack was born into this world, weighing in at 6lbs 7ozs, and born at 35 weeks gestation. She is truly a little beauty and a little fighter and with her 'big' brother watching over, I'm pretty confident that she will gain strength each day and will be home with her mummy and daddy very soon!

Proud Auntie I am!

Now, back to the other things that dominate my life, and no I don't mean my children, it's my other baby, my work!

First things first, work on a new Series has started, and as yet, it is untitled as I am in first draft status, but I am enjoying it so far, Secondly, I am also contributing to a few Anthologies due out next year, and am devoting some time in constructing some shorts - quite an enjoyable adventure. And last, but not least, work on book 2, in the Shadow World series, is coming together nicely, and I have found myself falling in love a few unlikely characters! So watch this space.

I am also hoping to post some fan art up soon, I just haven't had the time to get round to scanning and transferring files, but I'll definitely try something this week!

Anyway, that's it from me on an early Sunday morning musing and I'll be sure to stop by later on this week!

Be good and keep reading!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shuffling along with the rest doesn't always mean the best!

Okay, it's been a while since my last post. But I have been extra busy these past 7 days! Firstly, my 'BIG' little man started Secondary School on Monday and boy was that an emotional day, yes I know he's 13 and I should probably loosen those apron strings a little, but, when I look at him, I can still vividly see the baby I carried for nine long months and it just chokes me up with pride watching him turn into a young man, and then on Tuesday, I went through it all again with my little 'DUDE'  Matthew on his FIRST ever day at 'big' school. He made both his daddy and I proud, he looked adorable in his uniform and never once whined about having to say goodbye to us. I was the one leaving the school yard with tears falling down my cheeks- God, I am such a wimp- but this is something mummies tend to go through. Not only are children cool with causing us actual bodily harm on entering this world, they also intend to break our hearts during those special moments that we never get back, but you know what, I'm a sucker for those special moments and long may they happen!

Back to writing, well, it has been interesting, the area that I though I was going with Walking With Shadows has taken a turn that even I didn't anticipate, yes I keep detailed notes on how I plan my story/book, but sometimes, these plans tend to get overlooked and you end up heading down a completely different road. And that is exactly what I have done. I have taken Giselle somewhere I thought I wouldn't cover in this series, but hey, I'm  the writer so I guess I can do whatever I like.

Artwork: I have a lovely young girl composing some artwork for the site as well as for some possible cover art for my work, so hopefully I can get something posted in the next week or so.

Well, it has been lovely, but I must go and check on the kiddies and continue working, otherwise I'll end up talking a load of nonsense and we can't have that, can WE?