Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lumen Blog Tour

Well, today I am super excited to have the gorgeous, the talented, the totally Twitter savvy, the one and only Mr. Joseph Eastwood. 

Who is Mr. Eastwood? 

Let me introduce you to him....

Thank you for joining myself and the host of this wonderful blog to celebrate the re-release of Lumen! So, if it’s not already on your Goodreads to-read list, you should go put it on:

Oh, and this blog post is not the only one. If you want more information, don’t forget to log on to Facebook and hit JOIN on the event… what, what event? This one: 

I hope to see you there! And don’t forget about the other blogs on this tour for more exclusive content!

JOSEPH EASTWOOD, born 9th June 1993, Lancaster, England, has always been adamant in his dreams of being a published author. Although he has been through the stages of wanting to be in every other profession under the sun, and what better way to live out all of those professions than to be an author and create people with them.

I have a secret… come closer!

What’s the secret? This post is late… oh no (my fault)! No, on a serious note, my secret is that I have the best publishing family in the entire world. No, no, no… that’s still not my secret as everyone knows CHBB is awesome. My secret is that I have an addiction… yes, I’m addicted to TV!

My writing is heavily influenced by television and I watch a lot of it. So, I decided to tell you guys what TV influenced me when I was writing Lumen.

In no particular order, I’ll list off the shows and tell you why they were helpful and how they helped me.

Rizzoli and Isles – I only really got into this TV series last summer, and I watched all the episodes the internet had to offer. Focused on the friendship of a detective and a medical examiner, I was inspired to mould the sarcastic tone they took with each other, and incorporate that into the way Daniel and Jac are with each other.

Charmed – the WHOLE magic aspect, need I go on? I absolutely love Charmed, and I think that with Lumen, what I’m essentially doing is introducing magic to the world because it’s been confined to this one island, and you’ll see as the series progresses the effect that magic has on the world if word of its existence did get out.

Supernatural – this TV programme is basically research. There’s so much in this programme about all the different types of supernatural creatures etc. and while I was creating my own type, this was helpful in terms of thinking about supernatural strengths and weaknesses.

What about you? Has TV influenced you at all? Do you read books that have been made into TV series?


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Well, wasn't that fun, interesting and totally absorbing? 
I don't know about you, but I am eager to see the cover of Lumen. I am excited as I have come to know Joe over the past couple of years on Facebook and have witnessed him flourish as a novelist.

So from all of us here Joseph, we wish you only success, joy and a never ending supply of coffee.

Thanks again, Joseph for stopping by!

Remember folks to stop by on Friday July 26th for the cover reveal of Christine Hughes new novel TORN.

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