Friday, April 22, 2011

Guest Post: Minerva Perez's Guide to the Art of Sex, or the writing part of it.

It's that time again folks. We are delighted to bring on board today another fantastic writer, a lady who knows romance and even better, she loves to shock her readers with a little flavour. If you love flavour and all things spicy and somewhat kinky, then read on....
Over to you, Minerva...

First I want to say thank you to Julieanne Lynch for this chance to guest blog. I’m a fan of her writing—her knack for bringing out my inner darkness with her words is truly amazing. I’m honored.


I wasn’t sure what to write about. My writing style is very different from Julieannes. Romance is the driving force behind my pen, as well as humor. I like to think of myself as witty, though most of the time my jokes fail before the punch line. Much like most of my life. Ha! So I was fretting about this post for a few days before it hit me: SEX

It’s a subject we all are familiar with and it can sometimes be controversial. Which only makes it that much more fun to talk about. So let’s talk about that delicious three letter word.

In films there are always those fade to black moments. Viewers get the sense of sexual tension between the actors before those bedroom scenes. Perhaps the guy will take off his shirt—maybe the woman will show her breasts. Then the director gives us a little lip-lock action, some more eye candy to tease us with…but then the scene fades to black and the next thing you know you’re watching them wake up the morning after, fully sated.


The great thing about sex in books is that everything can be described. You’re not just limited to seeing what the characters are doing—you are feeling it. Every touch, every heated breath against damp skin as their bodies move in that ancient seductive rhythm. The pads of finger tips skirting along the side of her neck as she wraps her legs around him. Nipples pucker as his lips claim a breast, her nails dig into his back.

There is nothing wrong with liking sex or writing about it. It’s a wonderfully wicked thing that we should all partake of. And if you are a writer of erotic romance, sex is not something you should be squeamish about. The language that can be used in those bedroom scenes (or maybe there is no bed, hmm) is no holds barred. You’re allowed to get explicit. You know the words I’m talking about. Don’t frilly it up just because you’re scared of using them. Let me help you.

Don’t just have your MC take off her shirt—have him rip it off her.

Don’t say she went down on him—have her grab hold of his dick and slide her tongue along the side, teasing him.

Don’t say he kissed her breasts—have him bite them, bury his face in them, lick them.

Don’t say he touched her ‘special place’—have him rub her clit and get her to cum several times before giving her the pleasure of slipping his fingers inside her pussy.

Ladies, when you have sex, do you just lie there in state? Guys, do you like doing all the work? No. So what makes you think your characters do? Or your readers?

As writers we use words to elicit emotions from our readers. Whether it’s fear, anger, hate, love…etc. When used well, words are powerful enough to send your heart plummeting in despair by a simple sentence. So if lust is what you’re trying to stir in your readers then don’t be shy. Let them have it.

Give them what they want. Give them kinky…naughty. Give them moans, four letter words, screams, and for cripes sakes…give them orgasms!
Well Minerva, you surely have left us salivating at the mouth. Thank you for your honest to God, and delciously direct approach to writing about sex.

If you want to follow Minerva and all her fantastic writing, then look no further:

Unitl next time folks, Ciao.


  1. Oh I love those pictures Julieanne! They really steam up my computer screen ;)
    Thanks again for this opportunity. I'm glad you liked this and I hope your readers will too.

  2. This was an amazing post. Totally honest too. I can always tell when writers are afraid of getting too naughty because they have those 'fade to black' scenes as you call them. I do enjoy a good erotic read every now and then, so I loved those examples you used. Lovely! And a nice change to your usual style.

  3. Absolutely wonderful! Delicious examples, Ree. I do love erotica and hate when authors use frilly words to dance around what they should just say flat out.

  4. Well holy shit. I don't read erotica but this kinda made me want to.

  5. Loved this post. :D. The examples were fantastic. I do love erotica and I'm with Lucy, I don't like eauphamistic writing when the story doesn't call for it. Great post and wonderful pics.