Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Second Edition of "In The Shadows" is now available

Well, it has certainly been a trying couple of months, but time well spent honing my craft and getting to grips with a new contract. 

I am pleased to let you all know, the second edition of "In The Shadows" went live on Monday 25th July, and is so far soaring up the Kindle charts.

The Second Edition of In The Shadows
Published through Strict Publishing International

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The reviews coming in have been both humbling and exciting. Here are a few of those:

"My place is unknown to me, but the desire to feed is my basic instinct" 

REVIEW- This new and stunning novel, In the Shadows by Julieanne Lynch is truly a work of art. This masterpiece not only tells the story of a girl fighting against dark creatures for the ones she loves and her own basic freedom but introduces us to new breeds of
 vampires in which will truly blow you away! When I first recieved this novel I had a huge tbr pile and was not sure if I would have time for it but when I read the opening paragraph I put everything on hold and could honestly not stop reading. In the Shadows starts off by telling us the life of an ordinary girl Giselle...she has everything a girl could want: a gorgeous boyfriend (Marc) an even more gorgeous best friend (Alex) and is loved by all those around her...The only thing Giselle does not have is the popularity that she envies in her rival
Evie...however Giselle soon realises that the problems she had with the school slut was nothing compared to the problems she was about to face... This novel really is one hell of a rollercoaster that goes through so many twists and turns that not only leaves you totally amazed but also leaves you begging on your knees for more. So if like me you enjoy a really dark, mysterious and shock filled book then believe me..this book is the book for you!! Here, I would usually tell you my favourite scene in a novel but for this novel it is impossible because I truly loved it all...the way Julieanne just took an ordinary character and totally rearranged her life was completely mezmerizing...throughout this whole novel I couldn't help but pray that Giselles life wouldn't always be the nightmare it had turned out to be but as I did bad things kept happening and I found myself completely taken back by how drastic these bad things were...Overall, In the Shadows was an astonishing novel by a truly gifted author, that not only gave me goosbumps I had never experienced before but inspired me. - Allyson Conlin of Five Star Reviews

In the shadows you will find lust and passion, battles for power, blood, death, and fear.  For in the shadows you are carried away to a future that is unknown, it is here that your destiny awaits and you are no longer who you thought you were.  You have a thirst.

Giselle is a normal girl; by normal I mean she has a teens attitude, a steady boyfriend, an awesome best friend who would do ANYTHING for her, and a typical school life.  Her family isn’t perfect (who is?) but she loves them and her future is looking bright.  Graduation is nearing and the world is round, everything is where it should be…right?  
Certainly some things you don’t see coming.  
Some things are NOT what they seem.  How can she be so wrong about someone she loves? 
How could she possibly be prepared for the darkness?

I awoke to the light of the moon shining bright into my eyes.  Voices hushed and I could hear the anticipation in their whispered voices.
“She is seeking us out.  This is truly a night for the Goddess,” one of them gleefully remarked.

Thrust into a life of blood lust and unforseen challenges.  Giselle has to awaken the darkness within to survive.  The first steps are scary and overwhelming.  The thirst is undeniable and laced with seduction.  The challenges keep coming forth as her fight for survival threatens to become a war and she doesn’t know who to trust.  Enduring heart break and loss, betrayal and fear she undergoes a metamorphosis into an underworld she doesn’t feel part of or understand.  However she is no longer her former self.  She can never be the same again or return to the way things were.  She is something else.  She is the future.  

Take a bite out of this delicious forbidden fruit and you will be left wanting more.  Make no mistake, In The Shadows is a powerful story of vampire prophesy that, like Giselle, will take you by surprise render you incapable of resistance and seduce you with it’s offerings.  Julieanne Lynch has skilfully created characters who you can love and hate at the same time, she can make you enjoy the company of the terrifying and fearful of the beautiful.  She will make you gasp, she will make you laugh and then she will make you shudder.  Be prepared to use all of your senses, reading never smelled so good, tantalised the taste buds or toyed with your pulse like it does in the shadows.  Let her weave her spell on you.  But be warned.  In The Shadows is very hard to put down followed by bitter disappointment as you realise there are no more pages to turn until the next book comes out.  

This is a forbidden fruit you will want to sink your teeth into.  Just be careful it doesn’t bite you back as there is no turning back.

Reviewed by Angela Hall (Bug in a Book).

To check out more reviews go to Goodreads and see for yourself the hype that this baby is making.


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