Monday, January 17, 2011

Have you ever wondered.....

.....why you sometimes feel like your going mad. And not just losing your temper mad, more like losing your marbles, bonkers mad; off your head mental. Like your head will explode and every cell in your body is losing it’s grip on your soul and you have finally plunged down the abyss of self destruction?

Hmm, this my good people is when I produce work of quality. I know it sounds odd and completely wacko, but the truth is I can be a very dark person. I have dark thoughts on a daily basis and battle the inner demons that try to escape on a frequent basis. 

Sometimes, I think it is just society causing me more harm than good, and then I get and epiphany and realise it is myself who seems to be the one where are the fundamental eccentricities come from. 

I am a self confessed oddball. I admit it. Why not. In this day and age where people are so adamant on labeling each other into some acceptable group in society, I am glad that I am different and furthermore, I would hate to be part of the mould that leads us into damnation. There I said it, social conformity's leave us restricted, they leave us at the mercy of the hierarchical system, where man beats each other down to get to the top and to me that just SUCKS.

If we are to be alike, then why not equal? 

There is no answer to that, so therefore I prefer to remain a strange little Irish woman with a tendency to write about the occult and lives her life in a bubble - well, it’s more like a bungalow, but nevertheless, it’s my bubble. No one comes in or out without my say so, and that is how I like it.

And that is what sickens me about the human race. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my fellow man, but sometimes, just sometimes, I would love to hit him or her over the head with a mallet and tell them to “Wake the hell up.” Why do we settle for what is thrown at us? Have we become that dependent on governments and policies that we no longer have a hold on our own destiny? 
We tend to succumb to the pressures of daily life and forget that we are here for a limited time. Yes I know, we have to eat, pay bills, etc etc etc, but Jesus, do we have to do it all at the expense of our ‘life’? 

As children we dream, we live in our fantasy worlds. Dreaming about stardom, walking on the moon, teaching, painting, playing music. But as soon as we hit puberty, we lose touch with that innocence. We forget, and then we are moulded into the kind of person society accepts. Yes, there are those of us who get lost in the system and fall prey to the negative sides of life, and there are those of us, who continue to dream, who focus their energies on the peculiar possibilities; the wonders of life. I like to think I fall into the latter.


Simply because while there is air in my lungs and blood in my veins; I will dream the dream and keep it alive for the next generation. Because if technology continues to evolve, I fear our minds will at some point be controlled by machines; the dream will be lost.

Well, that’s the rant over will...Wow, that was great, hope you aren’t to put off by my weirdness, so until next time, be good, dream the impossible and pick up and book or two!

Ciao :)

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