Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well, I'll be damned!

As things move on, I am completely amazed by the amount of fabulous feedback I am receiving from my now growing public!!! Thank you so much to all those who have put time and effort into reading the First Chapter, your thoughts and feelings about the book, makes me even more determined to see it in print!

So far I have been inundated with emails, querying me about the release date and so on, and as yet, there is no definite date for release, but myself and my agent are hoping for a release date this side of Christmas!

I for one am both excited about the prospect of my work finally being released and hitting the stores both here and in the States, but I am slightly nervous about the commitment that I will have to make to my 'first love'- being a mother of 4 children, a sometimes domestic Goddess, and full time writer, is all a bit daunting, but I know I can do it all. I refuse to put myself under any unnecessary pressure, of course, that all depends on how much pressure is put on me by any third party! But, hey, this is what I have always wanted and I accept whatever comes my way!

Now for something a little different, I thought it would be fun to get my group of illustrators to come up with something that would help represent how I see Giselle, and the results have been astounding, these images are of course unofficial, and have nothing to do with what the finished cover will look like, but, I love to do things differently! And in a few days, I'll be posting the results up here, so keep an eye out for how I see my protagonist Giselle. It will definitely be an eye opener!

Okay, well, that's me for at least a day or two...It's back to Walking With Shadows for me!

Keep safe and remember, keep recommending me to your friends!

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